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'item not found' File:MissingImage.pngObtaining new Fireplaces is no longer possible(The promotion hasn't ended yet, you can still get it as of 12pm EST on December 31 2010). The Santa's Fireplace Teleport is a 2010 Christmas Special Gift for Facebook users. This offer is for people who log into Habbo via Facebook, and came about in little magic balls. The first day it was released, the only people who could teleport were the ones with rights to the room. But then a few days after, it went back to everyone could use it. When using this teleport, you will come out with a christmas hat on. It looks similar to a normal Lodge Fireplace. It is also considered to be one of the hardest items in Habbo to obtain (without the subject of real life money).

How to obtainRectify

To obtain this item, you will also need a Facebook account, along with your Habbo account.

  1. (Like above) double check your Facebook account is affiliated with your Habbo account. (See the Facebook article for further help).
  2. Open the application to the Hotel on Facebook (found here).
  3. Once the hotel is started up, you will see a glowing ball in your home room. If you don't have a home room and the ball isn't showing up, try searching your other rooms. (Also refresh the facebook application if all else fails [this has been proven to work]).
  4. You will get a message as soon as you click the ball, saying a gift has been placed in your inventory. (See image 4). This can/will spawn almost anywhere so, look carefully.
  5. When attempting to open the gift you will get a message stating it's locked. (This is where the hard part comes).(See image 5).
  6. Click the link saying "Ask For Help", to leave a message on your Facebook page.
  7. Fill out the screen that pops-up, and select the friends you want to see this.
  8. A message should now be on your wall saying "[Your Name] needs help opening a locked Christmas gift!"(See image 8).
  9. Have a friend (must also have a Habbo account with Facebook) click the "Open the Package" button on that message. (See image 9).
  10. Your "friend" (or anyone with a Habbo/Facebook connection) should be able to go to your room and double click on your gift. (See image 10-1 and 10-2).
  11. After, your gift will be 'unlocked', and double clicking it should leave you with a set of teleports.

Note: this proccess required that you used the Facebook application of Habbo, or you will recieve a message stating you will. (See Image N-1).

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