We all get some once in a while...


-Leonardo Divinci, 1677 commenting on spam

Spam, very yummy. Very common. Can be found in stores the most. "Spam is bad for your health, and can cause headaches, and sometimes concussion!" says Dr. FoFo GeGe of the FeOo Hospital. Spam can be added into burgurs and hotdogs too, curret users of spam are: McSpam (Im hating it, dun dun dun de dun...). Spam can be addicting even funny, says a spam addict. Spamers, is a slang word for people who spam. Spam can cause people to do wierld things, and some get blocked by admins. The UN, in one of their peacekeeping missions in US, are trying to stop this horror.

"Care for some more spam micheal?"

- Spam guy talking to micheal

An example of spamRectify



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