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The Su-37 Terminator is an experimental mutirole aircraft developed by the Sukhoi bureau. An evolution of the Su-35 Super Flanker, it was created as a tested for thrust vectoring technologies in the post-Soviet aerospace industry.

The aircraft made appearances in numerous airshows in the 1990s, performing maneuvers previously thought to be impossible many, such as the Kulbit. Only two Su-35 prototypes, "T10M-11" and "T10M-12" were converted to -37s.

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The Su-37 is an advanced fighter that achieves high maneuverability with the use of bi-dimensional thrust vectoring engines and high-end avionics. In the Strangereal world, it was a fairly rare aircraft, examples of which were operated by a handful of nations.

Prior to the Belkan War, the Principality of Belka's air force owned four Terminators, two of which were used by the 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Gelb".[1] A third one was used by ace Erich Klinsmann during Operation Battle-Axe, while a fourth one was flown by Dederick "Trombe" Ebert, who died during an Allied operation against Belkan Army insurgents in central Belka.[2]

Su-37s were famously used by the Free Erusian Air Force's 156th Tactical Fighter Wing, the "Yellow Squadron" during the Usean Continental War. The aircraft were used by the main squadron through the course of the war, and by their replacement pilots during the ISAF's invasion of the Twinkle Islands in September 2005. In 2020, they were also used by the Alect Squadron of Leasath during the South Osea War.


  • The NATO reporting name of the aircraft used within the Ace Combat series ("Terminator") differs from that used in the real world, "Flanker-F". A possibility is that the name is adopted directly from Sukhoi, however no explanation has been given.


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