The Sergeant handles morning assignments for "Hill Street Twos" in the Sesame Street sketch of the same name. The sergeant explains the concept of pairs, groups of twos, to his squad.

He orders them to split up into pairs and is annoyed when he finds they've instead grouped into threes. His frustration increases even further when five of them group together and Officer Ernie is found standing on his own, thinking his rubber duckie can count as his partner (the sergeant wishes he had never brought the duck along in the first place). Finally, the sergeant manages to divide them into three groups of two, and sends them out to do their jobs. Then he sits back down at his desk wipes his brow, trying to catch his breath.

The character is a spoof of the Hill Street Blues head sergeants, Phil Esterhaus (Michael Conrad) and Stan Jablonski (Robert Prosky).

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