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Planning and timelineRectify

Product specificationRectify

  • The extension creates an "sponsored external links" section on every article page that leads users to an ad purchase process followed by a paypal process to complete payment
    • "sponsored external link" can be changed here:
    • There is a messaging unit on the article page that can be modified here:
    • There is a messaging unit on the ad buying page that can be modified here:
  • The back end is VERY experimental and would require a lot of work to scale
    • Currently we have a ad approval / edit process
    • We get notified via paypal when there is a purchase
    • The system clears cache and inserts the ad after paypal subscription is complete
    • The system (I THINK) gets a notification from paypal when the subscription is cancelled and

To doRectify

User scenariosRectify

  • Logged-in/out/blocked
  • Bot - N/A
  • Admin/staff
  • Monaco/Monobook and dark/custom skins - N/A
  • Non-English internationalization
  • Browsers

User optionsRectify

  • None


  • Google Analytics tracking - track as much as is sensible
  • If applicable: daily/weekly/monthly stats from Wikia DB


Add mockups of the feature here. Note, Wikia uses this icon set.

Notes and questionsRectify

Questions and answers section, also useful for making notes about the project.

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