Welcome to "Article"! Rectify

Hi, this is a page, namely, an article! There are different types of articles, like:

  • "Hi" Articles,
  • "Content" Articles, and
  • "Bye" Articles.

Here's how you make an article:

  1. Load the Wiki.
  2. Name the article.
  3. Create the Article.

And that's it! You're done! You have your new page.

Such pages are very common [1][2]. See, for example, this page which documents pages. Isn't that just... great news?!

Now, here's a table for you to think about that:

Norwegian Forest Cat Portrait

Actually, this beta editor has no tables, and I'm supposed to be learning how to use the beta visual editor, and not some boring old my favourite Source Editor.

Here's a stupid Template:


Well, I know that doesn't look like a template. But let's just say it does.

Ok? Alright? Thanks! .

What you see on the right, is,... a cat!

What, you are still angry that that template is stupid?

Just say it does, ok ? .

But Why ? ! Rectify


Because the cat wants you to, ok ?

Thanks! .

  1. That's me!
  2. {{cite book|last=me|first=me|title=Me, myself, and I|publisher=You, or else...}}
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