@import ""; textarea.balloon_textarea { width: 220px; height: 52px; }

//<![CDATA[ var GME_SMALL_ICON; var editors_options = {"container":"toolbar","textbox":"wpTextbox1","toggle":"google_maps_toggle_link","api":"2.140","color":"#758bc5","controls":"medium","doubleclick":"recenter","geocoder":true,"height":400,"icon":"http:\/\/\/mapfiles\/marker.png","icons":"http:\/\/\/mapfiles\/marker{label}.png","iconlabels":"A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z","icondir":false,"shadow":"http:\/\/\/intl\/en_us\/mapfiles\/shadow50.png","shadowsize":"37x34","windowanchor":"9x2","iconsize":"20x34","iconanchor":"9x34","lat":42.711618,"localsearch":true,"lon":-73.205112,"opacity":0.7,"overview":"no","world":"earth","precision":6,"scale":"no","scrollwheel":"nothing","selector":"yes","stroke":6,"style":"","type":"hybrid","units":"kilometers","version":0,"width":600,"zoom":12,"zoomstyle":"fast","rtl":false};var mapIcons = {};function addLoadEvent(func) {if ( === 'monaco' ) {wgAfterContentAndJS.push(function() {$(func);});} else {wgAfterContentAndJS.push(func);}}var _ = { 'gm-desc': "Easily create maps with wiki-fied markers", 'gm-incompatible-browser': "In order to see the map that would go in this space, you will need to use a compatible web browser.", 'gm-incompatible-browser-link': "Click here to see a list of compatible browsers.", 'gm-no-editor': "Unfortunately, your browser does not support the interactive map-making features. Try the latest version of \x3ca href=\"\"\x3eInternet Explorer\x3c/a\x3e (Windows) or \x3ca href=\"\"\x3eFirefox\x3c/a\x3e (Windows, Mac, and Linux).", 'gm-balloon-title': "Title:", 'gm-balloon-link-article': "Link to this page (optional):", 'gm-make-marker': "Caption (wiki mark-up OK):", 'gm-remove': "remove", 'gm-caption': "Caption", 'gm-tab-title': "Tab title", 'gm-tab': "Tab", 'gm-start-path': "start a path", 'gm-trace-area': "trace an area", 'gm-save-point': "save \x26amp; close", 'gm-load-map-from-article': "Load a map from the page:", 'gm-no-maps': "No maps in this page to load.", 'gm-refresh-list': "Refresh list", 'gm-load-map': "Load map", 'gm-clip-result': "Add to map", 'gm-no-results': "Sorry, no results", 'gm-searching': "searching…", 'gm-map': "Map", 'gm-note': "Note: be sure to copy what you want to save into the page (below) before hitting \"Load map\", \"Save\" or \"Preview\"!", 'gm-instructions': "Below is the Wiki mark-up to create the map above.", 'gm-are-you-sure': "Are you sure?", 'gm-clear-all-points': "Clear all points", 'gm-refresh-points': "Refresh points", 'gm-width': "Width", 'gm-height': "Height", 'gm-scale-control': "Scale", 'gm-overview-control': "Overview", 'gm-selector-control': "Map/Satellite selector", 'gm-zoom-control': "Navigation", 'gm-large': "Large", 'gm-medium': "Medium", 'gm-small': "Small", 'gm-no-zoom-control': "None", 'gm-yes': "Yes", 'gm-no': "No", 'gm-search-preface': "Click the map to add a point, or jump to a city, country, address or business:", 'gm-geocode-preface': "Click the map to add a point, or jump to a city, country, or address:", 'gm-no-search-preface': "Click the map to add a point.", 'gm-search': "Search", 'gm-clear-search': "clear search results", 'gm-meters': "meters", 'gm-miles': "miles", 'gm-editing-path': "Click the map to add more points to this path.", 'gm-save-path': "Save", 'gm-edit-path': "add points", 'gm-show-path': "show points", 'gm-color-path': "change color", 'gm-color-fill': "change fill color", 'gm-add-fill': "fill in area", 'gm-remove-fill': "remove-fill", 'gm-fill-color': "Fill color", 'gm-line-color': "Line color", 'gm-opacity': "Opacity", 'gm-line-width': "Width", 'gm-make-map': "make a map", 'gm-hide-map': "hide map", 'gm-back': "back", 'gm-kml-include': "External KML/GeoRSS:", 'gm-kml-include-link': "add to map", 'gm-kml-loading': "loading…", 'gm-kml-export': "Export this map to KML", 'gm-earth': "Earth", 'gm-moon': "Moon", 'gm-mars': "Mars" };var GME_PATHS_SUPPORTED = true;

function loadGoogleMapsJavascript() { mw.loader.load(''); }

function loadEditorsMapJavascript() { mw.loader.load(''); mw.loader.load('');

window.setTimeout(tryLoadingEditorsMap, 100); }

function tryLoadingEditorsMap() { if (typeof(EditorsMap) != "undefined") { loadGoogleMapsJavascript(); } else { window.setTimeout(tryLoadingEditorsMap, 100); } }

function initEditorsMap() { GME_SMALL_ICON = new GIcon(); GME_SMALL_ICON.image = ""; GME_SMALL_ICON.shadow = ""; GME_SMALL_ICON.iconSize = new GSize(12, 20); GME_SMALL_ICON.shadowSize = new GSize(22, 20); GME_SMALL_ICON.iconAnchor = new GPoint(6, 20); GME_SMALL_ICON.infoWindowAnchor = new GPoint(5, 1);

window.emap = new EditorsMap(editors_options); }

function insertGoogleMapLinks() { window.mwEditButtons && window.mwEditButtons.push({ imageId: 'mw-editbutton-googlemaps', imageFile: '', speedTip: _['gm-make-map'], onclick: function(ev) { // use proper place to insert editor's wrapper var containerId = this.parentNode &&; if (containerId) { window.editors_options.container = containerId; }

if( typeof EditorsMap == "undefined" ) { loadEditorsMapJavascript(); } else { emap.toggleGoogleMap(); } if( this.buttonOn ) { this.src = this.src.replace(/_close/,"_open"); this.alt = _['gm-make-map']; this.title = _['gm-make-map']; this.buttonOn = false; } else { this.src = this.src.replace(/_open/,"_close"); this.alt = _['gm-hide-map']; this.title = _['gm-hide-map']; this.buttonOn = true; }


// fix for reskinned editor $(window).trigger('resize'); } }); }

window.unload = function() { GUnload() };

insertGoogleMapLinks(); //]]>










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