Welcome to my message wall, !!!

About me
Hey Template:Username! My name is Applemasterexpert! Hi, and welcome to my Message Wall! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here! Don't be shy! Please remember that this Message Wall is spam free.
I am very good at wiki codes and features, so if you have any questions about that, feel free to contact me that. Again, don't be shy!
I will more likely to answer your question(s) faster on the Weekends, because I'm usually busy on weekdays. But I will try to answer within 12 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends.
Rules about sending me a message
Please don't spam or vandalize my wall- If I caught you vandalize or spam my wall, then I will report it to Community Central admins as well as ignore and close the thread. And don't remove the message yourself because it's not permanently deleted, which means that I can still view it.

Necropost is NOT permitted in my wall- Doing so will result in removal of the new reply, as well as closing thread.

Please don't message me a message that was already sent before- I don't care if it takes me days to answer your question. Wait for a reply. If I really missed or skipped your message, then please remind me, but do so once for every skipped/missed messages.

Really have a problem on a wiki that you were blocked on? Feel free to send me a message as long as I am an administrator of the wiki. Please be polite and calm- Sometimes, people got frustrated or stressed of their block they've given. I don't mind if you send me a message about your feeling or your mood and why you should be unbanned, but please have a positive attitude. Negative attitude or inappropriate messages will be removed.

A Troll? Well, let's don't feed the troll!-If a troll happens to send me a message, don't reply. Ignore it, and I'll take care of the issue.

Accidentally send me a message?- If you happen to send me a message by mistake, you are allowed to remove it freely. Be aware that I will still force myself to view the message, but I don't restore it (at least). If you want to restore your message, please do so.

Swear Words-Swear words or offensive language is not tolerated in my Message Wall.Doing so will result in a report to the CC admins.

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