A signature is something that we use to "sign" our messages, comments, talk pages, and article pages. We leave a signature so other users will know who's messaging them. If you forget to leave a signature users need to go into History to see who left the message, so your signature can help out a lot! It also leaves a time stamp and date so others know when you left the message.

Signatures are like addresses on a letter, without them, we wouldn't know who it's from.

How do I leave a signature?Rectify

Leaving a signature is really simple. Type 4 tildes (~~~~) or click the signature button in the editor after you are done leaving your message or comment.

How can I customize my signature?Rectify

If you'd like, you can go into your preferences and scroll down to the "Signature" slide and customize your signature. Create a subpage called "Special:MyPage/Sig" and make the signature in there.

Voila! You now have yourself a customized signature!

Tips on customizing your signatureRectify

  • Make a decent size signature, It shouldn't be any bigger than a regular signature.
  • Make your signature readable..
  • Always pick a color that's easy to read, using yellow on a white background isn't always a good idea.
  • Make a subpage, so you can test out your new signature. This lets you see if any links are broken or if a color is too light or if the size needs to be changed.
  • Always ask for help when needed.
  • Always sign your messages!
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